Why research?

Since 2011 we have striven to collect sufficient and compelling data to the support the success of our Nationally Recognized Program. Through our data collection we intend to:

  1. Prove the efficacy of our exercise program in local parks and faith-based institutions throughout the Northeast San Fernando Valley in reducing our participants' body weight by 5-7%, which will translate into a 58% decrease in risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.
  2. Demonstrate our program's capacity for fulfilling the Physical Activity Guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, thereby reducing our participants' risk for all-cause mortality by 33%. With 76% of the American population not fulfilling these guidelines, we aim to be a driving force in promoting lifelong physical activity.
  3. Gain the necessary support from Public Health, CSU Institutions, Community Colleges, Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, and politicians to expand our program throughout California and the country.

To help ensure the success of our research efforts, we are focusing on 3 main data points.

  1. Participant Daily Attendance to determine adherence and support the efficacy of participating in our program to our hypothesis detailed above.
  2. Height and weight to calculate BMI and track weight loss progress.
  3. 12-minute Walk/Run Test to estimate VO2max, which will allow us to determine aerobic fitness levels.

As with everything we do in 3 WINS Fitness, our research efforts also provide 3 wins.

A win for our students
As part of the research team, students are eligible for internship credit (CSUN Juniors and Seniors). They will obtain valuable experience on the research side of Kinesiology, a definite resume booster for graduate programs. Additionally, students will gain necessary management, organization, and leadership skills through training and on the job duties such as testing implementation and data collection. Other perks include an increase or gain in knowledge of using software applications such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

A win for our participants
Given the nature of the data we are collecting, participants have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback as they progress to a healthier version of their self and their health related goals.

A win for our community
We have been helping communities throughout the Northeast San Fernando Valley get and stay active and healthy since 2011. Adding research to the mix will allow us to present a stronger argument in expanding our program beyond the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Anyone and everyone can benefit from our program. Anyone and everyone should have access to our program.