What to expect from 3 WINS Fitness

All fitness levels are welcome!

3 WINS Fitness: America Moves to Prevent/Evitar Diabetes (AMPED) is a 90-minute exercise and diabetes prevention/nutrition education program. During the first 60 minutes of our program, you will engage in 1 of our 4 exercise groups:

Champions for Life

Champions for Life (CFL)

A fitness program tailored for senior citizens, individuals with limited mobility, and individuals of lower levels of fitness, we will get you back to completing your Activities of Daily Living (ADL), such as bathing, dressing, and eating, with more ease and less pain. This is a relatively low intensity fitness group that emphasizes balance, mobility, and coordination with an added Falls Prevention component.

Let's Get Moving

Let's Get Moving (LGM)

Our LGM group is the foundation of our exercise programs. We introduce you to a structured exercise program, focusing on mastering 5 primary movement patterns to facilitate functional daily movements.

  1. Bend-and-lift movement: squatting down to pick up objects from the floor, standing up from a seated position
  2. Single-leg movement: stair climbing, walking, running
  3. Pushing movement: pushing yourself off the ground, pushing your kids on a swing
  4. Pulling movement: vacuuming, raking
  5. Rotational movement: chopping wood, "rolling" out of bed

You will engage in various circuits that target major muscle groups of the upper body, lower body, core, and the cardiovascular system. We also introduce you to using various equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, battle ropes, medicine balls, and ladders.

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle (AL)

After mastering the basic movement patterns, we will amp up the intensity and introduce some beginner level plyometric exercises. Moreover, equipment use is similar to that of LGM with an added complexity to movement patterns. For example, using dumbbells, going into a squat followed by a shoulder press.


Performance (P)

The Performance group is our highest level exercise program. Intensity is primarily vigorous and requires mastering the majority of the skills and movement patterns from LGM and AL. Additionally, we introduce the use of the TRX Training System and slam balls to further increase the complexity of the exercises used in AL.

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No matter what exercise group you are a part of, you will have the support, encouragement, and knowledge of well-trained Kinesiology students to ensure you are completing each exercise and movement pattern safely and efficiently. All our student instructors undergo a rigorous training with our Group Fitness Instructor Certified (American Council on Exercise) Exercise Directors, so that they can personalize your experience. They are qualified to progress (make harder), regress (make easier), and modify (change) each exercise they provide so that you have the best experience possible.

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Welcome to the 3 WINS Fitness Family!