Get Involved

3 WINS Fitness is a student-driven organization. Your involvement is an integral part in your success, growth, and happiness in this community. Our goal is to create a quality program with quality instructors and prospective leaders.

In light of the current events that surround COVID-19, we are currently operating 100% ONLINE. While we may not be on site, we still aim to engage our students, staff, and communities in lifelong physical fitness. Our mechanism to accomplish this task is our 365 Journey to Health and Back to Basics (B2B) program.

This is the PERFECT time for you to get involved to differentiate yourself from your KIN peers, gain valuable transferable skills such as public speaking, have the opportunity to receive a strong letter of recommendation, gain applicable experience in the field of Kinesiology, and improve your resume!

Ready to take the next steps? Review the following requirements to join our 3 WINS Family!

1) You are a Kinesiology student at California State University, Northridge.
**Community College Kinesiology students are welcome**

2) You hold a current CPR certification (First Aid/AED is a preferred)
**We are not requiring CPR certifications for the Fall 2020 semester**

3) You will attend a mandatory staff training for each semester you are involved.

4) You will maintain a 2.75 GPA (current students) or graduated with at least a 2.75 GPA.

5) You are motivated to make a difference in your community.

Next, we want you to clear your schedule for the following time slots:

Staff Meetings via Zoom

MONDAYS: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

These meetings are mandatory for leadership positions and interns*. Optional for volunteers.

Exercise & Family Meetings via Zoom

TUESDAYS: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

These meetings are mandatory for leadership positions, interns* and volunteers.

* If you require academic internship credit (CSUN Juniors and Seniors only), please note there is a minimum hour requirement that must be fulfilled to receive credit for KIN 494:

For 1 unit, 45 hours need to be logged

For 2 units, 90 hours need to be logged

For 3 units, 135 hours need to be logged

Now, identify what position(s) you would like to pursue in our program from:

1)     Adult Group Exercise Instructor

2)    Leadership position (Program Director, Exercise Director)**

Regardless of your position and status in the program, intern or volunteer, this program is like any other internship, volunteership, or job. We do our best to accommodate with your schedules, but we ask that you commit to the days you declare your availability, show up on time, and engage in the program. You need to create YOUR story. The one that YOU will tell to your interviewer for grad school, a job, or other post-grad programs. Simply showing up and writing “3 WINS Fitness” on your resume will not differentiate yourself, nor will it grant you a quality letter of recommendation. Control your destiny!

**Returning staff from the previous semester only.

All Ready? Complete the following steps to apply TODAY!

Complete our Online Application TODAY!

While we are not requiring CPR certifications for the FALL 2020 semester, if you are certified be sure to have a SCANNED or DIGITAL copy of your CPR certification handy as you will be asked to upload it on our application. 

If you are NEW to 3 WINS Fitness or were involved Spring 2019 or later you will need to upload the following items on our application:

  1. 2-page MAX (1-page preferred) resume
  2. 250 word cover letter of detailing why you want to be a part of 3 WINS Fitness.
  3. Degree Progress Report* (DPR) - CSUN Students Only

NOTE: Upon completion of your application and placement at a site, you will be scheduled to interview with Dr. Steven Loy.

If you have any questions, email:

*CSUN students only. To generate a DPR, login to your CSUN portal > click on the Academics tab > scroll down and on the right hand side click on Degree Progress Report/Planner > Request Audit.