Diabetes Prevention Program

Why you should JOIN!

Our Diabetes Prevention Program is designed to empower you through nutrition and exercise, to be able to lose 5-7% of your bodyweight in 1 year. Statistically, this loss in bodyweight is shown to decrease the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 58% (Tuomilehto et al., 2001). The nutrition discussions are 15-30 minutes in length and include topics such as:

Healthy Eating Habits | Stress Management | Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Participants in the Diabetes Prevention Program receive healthy recipes and personalized action plans based on their goals. Our program is unique in the high level of support that we provide to our extended community to ensure their success. Combining our 60-minute exercise program with health education, we will teach you and your community to take control of your health and be all you can be.

History of 3 WINS Fitness and Diabetes Prevention

Our Diabetes Prevention Program originated in the summer of 2013 at our San Fernando location. Developed by three CSUN graduate students studying Exercise Physiology, our program was offered as an extension of our Nationally Recognized 3 WINS Fitness Exercise Program (formerly known as 100 Citizens). Using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program, the three CSUN graduate students created a modified version that includes similar information on the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, while also teaching participants lifestyle techniques to prevent heart disease and other common chronic diseases. 3 WINS Fitness was determined to offer the program as a FREE education program for individuals who wanted to lower their risk for disease through nutrition. Since 2013, the program continues to be offered free for our participants, contains the same life changing information, and is now offered at all of our 6 CSUN locations. Most important is the inclusion of an exercise program that meets or exceeds the CDC minimum recommendations for physical activity.

Are you Pre-Diabetic? Take our Pre-Diabetes Risk Test.